Who's the biggest produce of cotton : China
Objective resolution was presented by : Liaquat Ali Khan
First Nobel award was given to which Muslim : Abdus Salam
Bhishkek is the capital of : Krygystan
Oldest tennis game is : Wimbledon
Which country was the colony of UK? : Burma
Headquarters of ICJ situated in : Hague, Netherlands
AFP is the news agency of : France
Holy Prophet was born in : 571 AD 22nd April ( Day__ Monday)
Father’s name, : Hazat Abdullah
Maternal Grand Father’s name : Wahib bins Abdul Munnaf
Maternal Grandmother : Batarah
Real name of Abdu Mutalib was : Shaba
Grandmother name : Fatima
Holy Prophet had _____ Uncles and ____ Aunts : 10 - 6
Prophet journeyed to Syria with Abu Talib at : 12 years
At 25 Prophet married to : Hazrat Khadija
Hazrat Khadija accepted Islam first in : Women and in all
GOOD : 12
sd : asd
Pakistan recognize Bangladesh on : Feb, 1974
Columbia, first space shuttle, was launched on : 12th April, 1981
Congress first meeting in : Bombay
Area of Japan is : 377,972km2
Arch of Janus in : Italy
Port of Naples is seaport of : Italy
Rompress is news agency of : Romania
TT is news agency of : Sweden
UN peacekeepers day on : 29th May
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