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Open the Workbook Statistics dialog. : Ctrl+Shift+G
Check spelling in the active worksheet or selected range. : F7
Display the Quick Analysis options for selected cells that contain data. : Ctrl+Q
Apply the Number format with two decimal places, thousands separator, and minus sign (-) for negative values. : Ctrl+Shift+exclamation point (!)
Open the Insert hyperlink dialog. : Ctrl+K
Apply the Date format with the day, month, and year. : Ctrl+Shift+number sign (#)
Apply the Time format with the hour and minute, and AM or PM. : Ctrl+Shift+at sign (@)
Apply the Percentage format with no decimal places. : Ctrl+Shift+percent sign (%)
Apply the Scientific number format with two decimal places. : Ctrl+Shift+caret sign (^)
Apply the General number format. : Ctrl+Shift+tilde sign (~)
Apply the Currency format with two decimal places (negative numbers in parentheses). : Ctrl+Shift+dollar sign ($)
Use the Fill Down command to copy the contents and format of the topmost cell of a selected range into the cells below. : Ctrl+D
Remove the outline border from the selected cells. : Ctrl+Shift+underline (_)
Display or hide the outline symbols. : Ctrl+8
Switch between hiding objects, displaying objects, and displaying placeholders for objects. : Ctrl+6
Apply an outline border to the selected cells. : Ctrl+Shift+ampersand (&)
Underline text or remove underline. : Ctrl+U or Ctrl+4
Apply or remove strikethrough formatting. : Ctrl+5
Italicize text or remove italic formatting. : Ctrl+I or Ctrl+3
Bold text or remove bold formatting. : Ctrl+B or Ctrl+2
Paste content at the insertion point, replacing any selection. : Ctrl+V
Open the Paste Special dialog. : Ctrl+Alt+V
Move the selected cells. : Ctrl+X
Copy the selected cells. : Ctrl+C
Switch between displaying cell values or formulas in the worksheet. : Ctrl+grave accent (`)
Copy a formula from the cell above the active cell into the cell or the Formula Bar. : Ctrl+apostrophe (')
Enter the current time. : Ctrl+Shift+colon (:)
Enter the current date. : Ctrl+semi-colon (;)
Open the Insert dialog to insert blank cells. : Ctrl+Shift+Plus sign (+)
Open the Delete dialog to delete selected cells. : Ctrl+Minus sign (-)