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Yerevan is capital of? : Armenia
MI-35 Helicopters purchased by Pakistan from? : Russia
Iran Nuclear Deal signed in which year? : 2015
US-Russia START Treaty in : 2010
Number of ASEAN states? : 10
2020 Summer Olympics in which city? : Tokyo
Quadrilateral Cooperation Group includes Pakistan, US, China and : Afghanistan
Macau became part of China in which year? : 1999
Syrian Currency is? : Syrian Pound
French President is? : Emmanuel Macron
Bell and Road Forum (BRF) meeting held in 2017 month? : May
Largest gas resources in which country? : Russia
Last Census in Pakistan was held in? : 2017
United States bombed on Hiroshima on : August 6, 1945, destroying the city and killing 140,000 people
Collapse of USSR due to : Economic Structure Failure
Who's the biggest produce of cotton? : China
First Nobel award was given to which Muslim? : Abdus Salam
Objective resolution was presented by? : Liaquat Ali Khan
Suez Canal is in between which of seas? : Mediterranean Sea and Red Sea
Bishkek is the capital of? : Kyrgyzstan
Oldest tennis game is? : Wimbledon
Which country was the colony of UK? : Burma
Head of state of UK is? : Elizabeth II
Oldest satellite site is in which country? : Russia
Headquarters of ICJ situated? : Hague, Netherlands
AFP is the news agency of country? : France
NPT is best described as? : Non-Proliferation Treaty
Cold war started and ended Second period of cold war? : 1947 – 1991 and 1979-1985
European Union member states are how many? : 28
Number of OIC Muslim states? : 57 Members & 5 Observers