Computer Science

MSP stands for: : Management Service Provider
An arrangement where a firm pays a monthly fee to access a software application is called : Application Service Provider (ASP)
Which among the Motorized, Optial, Optional-Mehanical and Mechinal is not a mouse technology? : Motorized
Input, processing, output and storage are the steps in: : Information Processing Cycles
What classifies the capacity of different channels? : Boradband, Wideband and Narrowband
Name the software developed to satisfy the needs of a broad group of users: : Horizontal Market Software
Programs or a set of electronic instructions that tell a computer what to do is called: : Software
A powerful key that lets you exit a program when pushed is known as: : Escape Keys
What is the sufficient computer memory to store a single character? : Byte
SOC is an acronym for: : Service Oriented Computing
What moves the cursor up, down, left or right without erasing characters? : Arrow Keys
Which part of a system is used for storing data/program either permanently or temporarily? : Memory
Which key performs a special function when used with another key? : Control Key
Computers calculate numbers in what mode? : Binary
The Internet Protocol among STP, FTP and HTTP is : Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)
The small letters on a keyboard are called: : Lower Case Letters
Which product can be used to update all PCs on user network? : Software Update Services
Identify the shortcut keys that could lock a computer: : Win + L
How can data be transferred from a PC hard disk to laptop? : USB Flash Drive, External CD/DVD Writer and Portable Hard Drive
Name the methods used to protect sensitive data? : Encryption, File Permissions and Passwords
How often should a user perform an incremental backup? : Daily
What can users do to secure their PC’s? : Turn on Automatic Updates, Install Antivirus Software and Turn on Windows Firewall
Which device can read as well as write data onto a disk? : Disk drive
RAM is described as the memory which: : Temporarily stores data or programs
In MS Excel shortcut key to Paste : Ctrl+V