Current Affairs

Which country is largest emitter of carbon? : China
Which country doesn't have an army? : Iceland
1992 UN Conference of Climate Change was held at? : Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 9 May, 1992
APS attack happened on? : 16th December, 2014
First Chief Minister of Baluchistan was? : Sardar Attaullah Mengal
"Higher than Hopes" is the biography of? : Nelson Mandela
Iran-Pakistan Pipeline is also called? : Peace Pipeline
WAFA is the news agency of? : Palestine
McMahan Line is the border between? : India and China
East India Company established in? : 1600
Quaid e Azam's salary as Governor General? : Rs.1
Operation Zarb e Azab started on? : 15th June, 2014
Kashmir was sold to Gulab Singh in? : March 1846, the British government sold Kashmir for a sum of 7.5 million
Who was the founder of Republican party also called GOP (Grand Old Party)? : Hannibal Hamlin
Punjab Police was established in? : 1861
Sindh Police was founded in : 1843 by Charles James Napier
Thar Coal project was first announced by the government in? : May 2008, the Government of Sindh invited proposals for the development of Thar Coal reserves through a public private partnership basis
The first Muslim Air Chief of Pakistan was? : Air Marshal Asghar Khan took office on 23 July 1957
First Marshal law of Pakistan was declared in? : 7 October 1958 by President of Pakistan Iskander Mirza
Taliban Office in Qatar was opened in? : 2013
6 party talks were held to resolve the issue of? : North Korea Nuclear Issue
Name of Pak-Russia military exercise? : Friendship 2016
Kyoto Protocol was signed in? : 11 December 1997.
UNHCR headquartered is in? : Geneva
French Colony was? : Cambodia
International Peace Day on? : 21-Sep
Yerevan is capital of? : Armenia
MI-35 Helicopters purchased by Pakistan from? : Russia
Iran Nuclear Deal signed in which year? : 2015
US-Russia START Treaty in : 2010