Current Affairs

Land of fertile fields is called : Algeria
Land of free people is called : Thailand
Land of contrasts is called : Colombia
Key to Mediterranean is called : Gibraltar
Horn of Africa is called : Somalia
Island continent is called : Australia
Great Britain of the Pacific is called : Japan
Gift of Nile is called of : Egypt
Flower garden to Europe is called : Netherlands
Emerald Island is called to Ireland. : Ireland
Crossroad of Western Europe is called : Belgium
Cockpit of Europe is called : Belgium
Buffer state of Asia is called : Afghanistan
Britain of south is called : New Zealand
Detroit is known as : Motor City
“Sandwich Island” is called : Hawaii Islanad
Penang is called the : Pearl of East
Rome is also known as : City of Seven Hills
The country known as the Land of Thunderbolts is : Bhutan
Which countries name translates as land of the free : Thailand
What city is known as The worlds chocolate capital Hershey : Pennsylvania