Current Affairs

Order of Rising Sun is highest Military Award of : Japan
Nelson Mandela day is celebrated on : 18th July
President of Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank : Jin Liquin (Chinese)
Fifth international recognized mode of payment currency : Chinese Yuan
Freedom house NGO Head Quarter in? : Washington D.C (United states of America)
The term Intifada means? : Uprising
Kalabagh Dam is yet not constructed due to : Political Conflict
The largest arm importer in 2014 was : India
The headquarter of ICJ (International Court of Justice) lies in : The Hague (Netherlands)
National Anthem of Pakistan was composed by : Ahmed Ghulamali Chagla
Barak Obama is the _____ president of USA. : 44th
The largest democracy in the world is? : India
The book "Reconstruction of Religious Thoughts" is written by : Allama Iqbal
Soft Drink contains? : CO2 (Carbon di-oxide)
Quetta Mashad Bus Service was started by Musharaf under vision 2050 in? : 2008
Sahara Desert is located in? : North Africa.
Thar Desert is? : Subtropical
The first mobile inventor belongs to? : Motorola.
Length of Khyber Pass is? : 53 Km. (33 miles) It connects Peshawar with Kabul.
PPP (Pakistan People's Party) was established in? : 1967
National Day of Afghanistan is celebrated on? : 19th August
The largest landlocked country is? : Kazakhstan
The Killer Mountain is the other name for? : Nanga Parbat.
Ultra vires means? : Beyond one's legal power or authority.
Persona Grata means : A person, especially a diplomat, acceptable to certain others.
The process through which a country increases its capacity to meet its citizens' basic human needs and raise their standard of living is known as : Development
____________explains how rational self-interested behavior by individuals may have a destructive collective effect. : Tragedy of the Commons
The US ambassador, J. Christopher Stevens was killed by militants in : Benghazi, Libya
The proposition that a single dominant power can promote world peace comes from ________ theory. : Hegemonic Stability
The Axis powers in World War II did not include : The Soviet Union