Your guess is as good as mine means : To have no idea about anything
Whole nine yards means : Everything. All of it
Speak of the devil! means : This expression is used when the person you have just been talking about arrives
Not a spark of decency means : No Manners
In the heat of the moment means : Overwhelmed by what is happening in the moment
Hear it on the grapevine means : To hear rumors
To work your fingers to the bone Or To sweat blood means : To work really hard
To be snowed under means : To be very busy
To get the sack means : To be dismissed from your job
To cook the books means : To modify financial statements
Don't give up the day job means : You are not very good at something. You could not do it professionally.
Devil's Advocate means : To present a counter argument
A cash cow means : A product or service that makes a lot of money for a company
To balance the books means : To make certain that the amount of money spent is not more than the amount of money received.
A ball park figure means : A general financial figure
Yellow press means : Newspapers which publish sensational and unscrupulous stories and exaggerates the news to attract readers.
A nine days' wonder means : An event which relates a sensation for a time but is soon forgotten
If wishes were horses, beggars might ride means : If wishing could make things happen, then even the most destitute people would have everything they wanted
One swallow does not make a summer means : It is unreliable to base one's conclusions on only a single test or incident
To move heaven and earth means : To exert all efforts
A miss is as good as a mile means : Comes nowhere near it. If someone narrowly misses the target it still is treated as a missed one or failure.
Lock, stock and barrel means : The whole of everything
Make hay while the sun shines means : Take advantage of all opportunities
To die in harness means : To continue at one’s occupation until death
All that glitters are not gold means : Things are not always as attractive as they appear
To jump from a frying pan into fire means : To come out of one trouble and get into a worse
Foul play means : Cheating
A fish out of water means : Anyone in an awkward
A burnt child dreads the fire means : One who has had a previous unpleasant experience is always scared of situations where such experiences are likely to be repeated
To set the Thames on fire means : To do something sensational or remarkable