A white elephant means : A useless possession which is extremely expensive to keep
To throw dust in one's eyes means : To try to deceive someone or mislead someone
Every dog has his day means : Sooner or later, everyone has his share of good fortune
Give a dog a bad name and hang him means : Once a person loses his reputation
Devil’s Playthings means : Playing Cards
Devil's bones means : Dice
Go to the devil means : Be off
To step into dead man's shoes means : To come into an inheritance
Halcyon Days means : A time when there are peace and happiness in the land
Evil days means : A period of misfortune
Up to date means : Recent
Cut and dried means : Readymade
By hook or by crook means : By fair or foul means
Crocodile tears means : Hypocritical Tears
Too many cooks spoil the broth means : Where there are more workers than necessary
To commit to memory means : To learn by heart
Off color means : Not in the usual form
To throw cold water upon anything means : To discourage efforts
To be cock sure means : To be perfectly sure or certain
A cock and bull story means : A foolishly incredible story
Cut your cloth according to your cloth means : Live within your income
Close fisted means : Mean
Every cloud has a silver lining means : Adverse conditions do not last forever
To square the circle means : To attempt something impossible
To pick and choose means : To make a careful selection
She is no chicken means : She is older than she says
To take the chair means : To preside a meeting
To Catch one's eye means : To attract attention
Care killed the cat means : Don’t fret and worry yourself to death
If the cap fits, wear it means : If you think the remarks refer to you, then accept the criticism