To lead to the altar means : To marry
To stand aloof means : To keep to oneself and not mix with others
To assume airs means : To affect superiority
An Adonis means : A very handsome man
The Heel of Achilles means : A Weak Point
A Fidus Achates means : A faithful friend or a devoted follower
On no account means : Not for Any Reason
On Account of means : Due to
Above all means : Chiefly, Mainly
Zero in on something means : Focus all attention on one thing
Wrap one’s brain around means : Concentrate on something to understand
Whale of a time means : Enjoy a lot
Wave a dead chicken means : Do something useless
Take a back seat means : Choose to be less important in a role
Stand in a good stead means : To be useful or be of good service to someone
Think the world of means : Admire someone very much
Take a nosedive means : Rapid drop or decrease in value
Take the plunge means : Venture into something of one’s interest despite the risks involved
Strike while the iron is hot means : To act at the right time
Tight spot means : A difficult situation
Skating on thin ice means : Do or say something risky
Take with a grain/pinch of salt means : To doubt theaccuracy of information
Sink your teeth into means : Do something with a lot of energy and enthusiasm
Shot in the dark means : A complete guess
See eye to eye means : To be in agreement with
Roll up sleeves means : To get yourself prepared
Reap the harvest means : Benefit or suffer as a direct result of past actions
Push one’s luck means : Trying to obtain more than what one has
Pen is mightier than the sword means : Words and communication have a greater effect than war
Over the Top means : Totally excessive and not suitable for the occasion