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To burn the candle at both ends means : To expend energy in two directions at the same time
Good wine needs no bush means : There is no need to advertise something good
To kick the bucket means : To die
To make bricks without straw means : To attempt to do something without proper materials
To breadth one's last means : To Die
One's bread and butter means : One's means of livelihood
A Bolt from the Blue means : Something completely unexpected that surprises you
At First Blush means : At first sight
A blue Stocking means : A learned/educated or intellectual woman
In Cold Blood means : Deliberately
A Wet Blanket means : A person who discourages enjoyment or enthusiasm
To bite the dust means : To be Defeated in Battle
To hit below the belt means : To act unfairly in a contest
Behind the scenes means : In Private
Behind one's back means : Without one's Knowledge
Bee-line means : The shortest distance between two places
Barmecide feast means : Imaginary Benefits
To keep the ball rolling means : To keep things going
Bag and Baggage means : With all one's belongings
To cause bad blood means : To Cause Enmity
He has no backbone means : He has no will of his own
To backbite a person means : To speak disguise about someone
To break the back of anything means : To perform the most difficult part
To Grind means : To have some selfish objective in view
To take up arms means : To fight or go to the war
Arcadian Life means : A blissful, happy, rural and simple life
Apple Pie Order means : In perfect order
To Upset the Apple Cart means : To disturb the peace
An Apollo means : A Man with Perfect Physique
An Ananias means : A Liar