Pakistan recognize Bangladesh on : Feb, 1974
Columbia, first space shuttle, was launched on : 12th April, 1981
Congress first meeting in : Bombay
Area of Japan is : 377,972km2
Arch of Janus in : Italy
Port of Naples is seaport of : Italy
Rompress is news agency of : Romania
TT is news agency of : Sweden
UN peacekeepers day on : 29th May
Hong Kong-Zhuhai Macau bridge is : 55km
Blood donor day is : 14th June
GCC was founded on : 25th May, 1981
Facebook was launched in : 4th February, 2004
Arabic has : 3 Vowels
USSR invaded Afghanistan on : 24thDecember, 1979
Day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking observed on : 26 June
World leprosy day : 27 January
International Migrant day is : 18th December
Where is the head quarter of Amnesty International? : London
Where the permanent Secretariat of OIC is located? : Jeddah
Which is the world’s largest Democratic country? : India
What is the currency of Israel? : Shekel
Where the permanent of Secretariat of SAARC is located? : Kathmandu, Nepal
Which is the capital of Canada? : Ottawa
3 May is observed internationally as? : Press Freedom Day
Where is the head quarter of Green Peace International? : Amsterdam
Which is the most powerful organ of United Nation? : Security Council
When OIC changed its name? : 2011
Which is the largest ocean of the world? : Pacific Ocean
When NATO was singed? : 1949
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